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Hi, I'm Kristinne and this is my (emotional) dumpsite. I don't exactly know what that means, but yeah.

Lord what did I ever do wrong for you to bless me with freeloaders/uncooperative group mates for the past terms I just can’t handle it anymore

Kyle Pavone and Lou Cotton of We Came As Romans at the Bazooka Rocks Festival II in Manila

It was my first time hearing and seeing this band play and I kind of fell in love. Kyle’s voice is just… amazing, totally gets me.

oh fuck periods I ate a truckload of junk food today and missed my jogging schedule for the entire fucking week I probably gained another 20 lbs

Nick pantydropper Santino of freaking amazing A Rocket to the Moon. I just wanna stare at him and listen to his amazingly sweet sweet voice. I mean, you guys, have your heard him sing a Capella? 

It’s so frustrating when boys have both a sexy voice AND face. Also, it should be illegal for amazing bands to break up. Just…. no.

My parents are asking me what I want to do after college, which is actually just 6 or 7 months away. All I can think of was “Can I just go to concerts of amazing bands and take pictures?”

But of course I didn’t say that. I just said “Maybe if I’m lucky I’ll get a job?”

Oh, life. Why can’t I have another five more teenage years and not worry about a freaking job.

Perpetually falling in love with bands.

I’m not sure if I’m doing the right thing right now but I guess I can’t always take the blow for you.

Sometimes I feel that I’m so broken deep inside that nobody will be able to love me.


Buenísimo lettering de MUTI.

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Abandoned bookshop on Brick Lane. London, England.
By DG Jones

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